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April 26, 2015

Planning a Holiday and Vacation in Exmoor

When planning a trip to Exmoor for a romantic getaway, there are a lot of things to consider. The first thing is to stay at one of their great bed and breakfasts. There are many to choose from, with stunning views to take in from your bedroom or from the diner as you eat your breakfast or lunch.

The second thing to do is to visit some of the local attractions. The first attraction is the BIG Sheep. The BIG Sheep is a theme park that is centred about sheep. It features sheep racing, indoor play area, and an outdoor lazer games. The second attraction is Watermouth Castle. Watermouth Castle is a theme park that includes rides and soft play areas. This is one of the best child friendly attractions to see in Exmoor. The third attraction is The Milky Way Adventure Park. The Milky Way Adventure Park is a theme park that has something for everyone in the family to do. These things include roller coasters, slides, live shows, laser tags, golf, and a maze. The fourth attraction is the Wildlife Cruise. The Wildlife Cruise is the best way to see seals, porpoises and dolphins in Exmoor.

The fifth attraction is the Combe Martin Wildlife and Dinosaur Park. The Combe Martin Wildlife and Dinosaur Park is over 30 acres of beautiful nature that lets your child swim with the sea lions and feed the lions. The sixth attraction is Exmoor Zoological Park. The Exmoor Zoological Park is a zoo full of unique birds and animals. It is known for joining together endangered and domestic animals in one area. The seventh attraction is The Alpaca Park. The Alpaca Park is a park full of alpacas that features a trail along the River Claw. The eighth attraction is The Borough Farm. The Borough Farm is the home of the sheepdogs. It is a working 700 ewe sheep farm. The ninth attraction is the Ilfracombe Aquarium. The Ilfracombe Aquarium is an educational attraction that has the many wonders of the aquatic world from Exmoor.

There is no shortage of things to do in Exmoor for families and couples alike but Exmoor has something like no other place. The National Park is some of the most beautiful in all the world, for any nature lovers to just sit and look at and be at peace or take a walk on the south west coastal path.

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Enjoy a Great-Tasting Meal During Your Dorset Holidays

Dorset holidays are perfect for those who are looking for a nice break from their daily routine. The incredible county offers the holiday resorts of Bournemouth, Weymouth and Swanage, to visitors who want to make the most out of their Dorset holidays. Your stay could be more comfortable if you rent any of the safe and affordable holiday cottages located within the region. These cosy abodes provide reliable services to make your stay memorable. The friendly staff members would also ensure that your stay is pleasurable. Food would not be a problem because Dorset has superb restaurants that serve one of the best cuisines in South West England. The following are excellent restaurants, in which you can dine in.

La Caverna Restaurant

From your holiday cottages, you can easily have lunch or dinner at La Caverna. The ambiance and location of the place is ideal for visitors who want to enjoy a unique gastronomic experience while on their Dorset holidays. The restaurant offers succulent seafood dishes that came from the freshest sea catch. It serves delicious Italian food like pizza, pasta, juicy salmon and crab farfalle al salmon, and vegetable dishes. You may want to taste its popular spaghetti carbonara, and Tiramisu. The Italian cuisine would be a great-tasting treat for your family. Retiring in one of the holiday cottages would be a perfect end to a fun-filled day.

La Petit Canard

La Petit is a fantastic French restaurant to eat lunch or dinner during your Dorset holidays. The restaurant is also near most of the holiday cottages, so there is no problem taking a quick meal in its comfortable environment. La Petit serves succulent pork tenderloin, scrumptious roasted ribs, roasted ducks and other great dishes. You can only taste at La Petit these incredible French dishes because of the unique ingredients used in cooking. Although, these are common French foods, the condiments make the taste entirely a class above the rest. The ambiance is also ideal for vacationing families who want some peace and quiet while savouring their meals.

After touring Dorset’s tourists’ spots, you can dine in either of this restaurant. There are still many great restaurants in Dorset, which you may want to dine in. Resting for the night would be something to look forward to when you have booked one of the holiday cottages. Remember to reserve the cottage earlier though as a rush of tourists would make it difficult to look for a place to stay, especially during Dorset holidays.

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Economy Car Rentals Renting on a Budget

Many people are quick to rent a car when they are going on vacation, or on an out of town business trip, and many of these people are unaware of the fact that they can save money on economy car rentals for their trip. These specials are not always posted in neon letters on the rental website and have a fancy box drawn around them pointing them out. However if you know where and how to look. Heck most times looking for the deals is half the fun to begin with.

First way of saving some green when finding economy car rentals is to sign up with the website and become a member, many companies offer discounts to their members, this will in effect save you money on that next rental. If you are planning on renting the car for just a weekend go ahead and rent it for the entire week, believe it or not this will save you some money in the end as you will be able to get the car at a discounted rate.

When you rent the car make sure that you don t run the mileage to the limit. again you will be better off financially if you save on mileage. Another economy car rentals trick is to rent the car in advance, this allows th rental company to effectively manage their fleet and therefore pass any savings along to you the customer. It also will save you money to rent during the week, many rental companies will charge extra for a rental on the weekend then they will during the week. So again it makes sense to rent the car on a Monday and to turn it in a week later as you will get a cheaper price.

If you are going to be staying in town and are just renting the car to drive a potential client around then you will be able to save on your rental charge as many of the charges associated to an out of town rental will not apply to your situation. Just make sure that your rental is in fact kept in the city limits. Many of the rental companies these days have installed GPS and can tell if the car is driven father than the grace distance that they give you when renting your car locally. Most rental companies do charge for excess mile usage so keep an eye on the odometer reading to make sure you haven’t gone over.

Now these are a few of the ways that you will be able to save money on economy car rentals, there are about a thousad other ways but that would involve an actual book and by the time you finished reading all about economy car rentals you would,nt need the car any way. So follow my advice and get ready to hit the road regardless of whether you are going across the city or across the country there are plenty of ways to save on economy car rentals.

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